On Giving Back: A donation provides a means of expressing gratitude for a life-changing experience that we experienced at IGIT. Investing in the College allows us to take part in something we love, it gives us some ownership of our alma mater, and it helps create strong connections to campus, we get a sense of satisfaction, we're furthering the aims of the institution that did so much to educate us and give us a better life.

Unlike buying a car or a house, an education is not a one-time-deal. Our degree is worth only as much as the reputation of the institute from which it is given. By investing in our college, we are cementing the foundation of education offered by the College and enhancing its prestige.

Besides leaving a legacy for current students to follow, we also are setting the trend for the future. At some point in our life, someone lent us a helping hand. There are students who need that help now. Our gift will help them to succeed and in turn, help others in their own time. Additionally, a gift to our alma mater has tax benefits.

A form of giving back: One can donate money, a gift of personal property includes equipment, inventory, books, works of art, or other tangible property. One can volunteer by giving time and put the thought of development of IGIT by physical presence or from the remote. Endowment, Donation for infra work, Academic improvements, One Endowment for lecture series, guiding students in projects and career, e-seminars and mentorship, travel and project grant to need base situation for extraordinary presentation by students,  landscaping and helping on campus planning,  Building donation, entertainment programs, up gradation of lives of peripheral villages by vocational  training, skill development programs etc., environmental improvement and many more yet to think and act. And we can choose any one or alike as per as our choice and interest and let's try hard to bring it a success.

What that Giving back will be? : Our gifts of money and time make IGIT experience possible for students through financial aid, scholarships, programs, enhanced facilities, mentorship, national and international participations in technical symposiums, environmental and community development in and around the campus and more. It helps increase the stature of the college, making it a better place. Our giving back also affects how others including employers, see our alma maters.

Giving Back Makes Us Sharper, Too: Education is a never-ending process. We continue to learn even after we graduate. And nothing is often more apparent than when we give back to our alma maters. It keeps us current

Networking: By giving back we get a better chance to interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. What about networking with the next generation? Students need speakers for career panels, they need and success stories from alumni. This would open up a whole other wave of new contacts for us.

Giving Back Helps Our Own Reputation: Giving back to our alma mater can also help us increase our own network, and there's no better place to start than with the students and alumni of our alma mater. Helping improve the stature of our alma maters can have a second- and third-order effect on our own lives.

'Giving Back' Doesn't Have to Mean Money it can be a bit time': We often forget that our time is valuable and can be almost as important as any donation we make to our alma maters. Human capital is just as beneficial to the sustained vitality of the Institute and can be just as important, if not more, than purely financial support. Here we need both.

Karma ?: By sharing our time and talent and money with college, we do a bit of good karma and can even change lives by helping a worthy student earn a college education. It's hard to pinpoint where success comes from in our working lives. What about karma? Should that factor into our giving back?

Are You Giving Back to Your Alma Mater? : Put Your Money Where Your Pride Is. No matter the size, every gift makes a difference and counts. So request you, to come forward with your Giving Back.


Designed Flyers may be sent for request of donations. Greetings card can use with a soft apeal for donations. CLASS can unite for discussion of endowments.

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Kudos to Er. Adwait Mohanty and Er. Abhaya Mishra of NTPC, Kaniha for being the biggest donors to the Alumni Association till date.

Alumni Association, IGIT, Sarang invites donations from its alumni, industry, philanthropic organizations and well-wishers. If you are resident in USA or India, your donations would qualify for tax exemptions.


Only for USA Donors: Make check/draft payable to IGIT Sarang Alumni Association and mail to Convenor in USA chapters

For Indian and non-US Donors Make a cheque/ draft payable to IGIT Sarang, Alumni Association

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