The Alumni Association of the Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang (hereafter referred to as the Association) shall function through its registered office located in the Institute academic building. 



  • The principal of the Institute shall be the President of the Association.


  •  Membership of the association is open to all B.TECH and MCA students passing out of the institute.
  • The members of the teaching staff who do not belong to category (a) can participate in the activities of the association as associate members. They will however not be eligible to stand for election to any post.
  • Every member of the association is allotted a registration number indicating branch and year of passing on payment of life membership subscription.


  • One can become a life member by paying the life membership fee (for that year of registration), which changes from time to time.
  • The registration fee can be ratified by the executive body.
  • All correspondence is to be addressed to the Secretary, Alumni Association, IGIT Sarang, Dhenkanal-759146, India.


  • The following shall be the office bearers constituting the executive body who will remain responsible for the smooth functioning of theassociation.
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Joint Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Ten other representatives from amongst the members including one from the associate members. Alumni stationed outside Sarang and having a considerable number at that station can form a local chapter. That chapter shall intimate its activity to the parent body. The chapter should be in continuous touch with the latter for different programmes. 

Election of Office Bearers:

  • Except for the president of the association, all other office bearers and representatives are to be elected every year except the associate members who will be nominated by the president in consultation with the office bearers in the first meeting of the body after the election.
  • The principal of the institute shall be the ipso facto president of the association.
  • The vice president, secretary, joint secretary and treasurer shall preferably be from the staff alumni of the institute. 



  • The president of the association shall remain the final authority for giving a ruling on all matters of the Institute.
  • All matters passed in the meeting of the association including the elections are to be formally approved by the president.
  • The president will preside over the annual meeting of the Association.
  • All funds are to be deposited in the account of the alumni association in the bank which is being jointly operated at present by the vice president and secretary of the association.


  • The secretary shall remain responsible for organizing and keeping minutes of all proceedings of the meetings whether annual or occasional in consultation with the president.
  • Secretary shall maintain the stock register for valuable assets of the alumni association.
  • The secretary should prepare an annual budget and budget for other activities and functions of the association which should be approved by the executive body.
  • The secretary should keep in touch with different chapters and interact with them in various activities both ways.


  • The vice-president shall preside over the meetings for all purposes in the absence of the president.


  • Joint Secretary shall assist the Secretary in all his activities and shall remain in charge of secretary in the latter's absence.


  • The treasurer shall maintain a cash register and update the transactions made on the account of the association.


  • The representatives shall take part in the discussion of the executive council meeting for the planning and organize various activities as follows
  • To draw programmes and action plan for the year.
  • To prepare and approve the annual budget.
  • Review of the receipt and expenditures of the Association
  • To prepare and take steps in forcing the aim of the association.
  • To interact with the institute of any organization for the betterment of the Institute as well as career prospect of the students.
  • To raise funds for the development of the organization by liaisoning with different bodies.
  • To organize seminar/workshop/ conference for the benefit of student community.


  • The annual meetings shall take place once in a year.
  • The elections of the office bearers are to be completed in one of the sittings of the annual meeting.
  • The financial position and budget of the association should be discussed and ratified by the general body in this meeting.
  • The handing over of charges of the office bearers are to be made and a rough programme of the commencing year shall be worked out.


  • Amendment proposal for the alteration or addition in the constitution can only be discussed at the annual meeting.
  • Any proposal for alteration of addition to the constitution can only be accepted if majority members present in the meeting vote in favor of the amendment.
  • Accepted amendments shall be intimated to all members / sub-centers before the next annual meeting of the Association.