I,  < name of the alum>, do solemnly swear

  • to faithfully fulfill my duties as alumni of IGIT, Sarang,  Odisha.
  • I commit myself to the highest standards of service to my community and country.
  • I will provide moral, intellectual and all mean of support through this Association
  • and I will encourage others to contribute and participate.
  • I will respect the diversity of Classes, senior or junior, and brilliance.
  • I promise to uphold the notions of honesty, integrity, reliability, courtesy and civility.
  • I will remain accountable to my FELLOW ALUMNI, peers, and myself.
  • I understand I am not alone; my world is bigger and I am a part of the Local, Regional, National and Global Network.
  • I will always conduct myself in a manner to make my alma mater, IGIT, Sarang, Odisha, proud.
  • This Oath I take on the _(Date)___ at  _ _(Place)__. So help me God.




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