1. To promote and maintain a sense of fraternity and goodwill among the alumni of the institute.
  2. To refresh the pleasant memories of their student career and to inoculate a sense of pride and involvement for their alma mater.
  3. To maintain a record of their growth and prosperity in respective professional careers and contribution to the engineering field.
  4. To serve as a link between the present students of the institutions and its alumni.
  5. To hold an annual meeting and other meetings to discuss:
    • Association’s activities in an academic year.
    • Proposal of activities to be taken up in the next year.
    • Induction of new members to the association.
    • Interaction with new members for the betterment of their career.
    • Interesting topics relating to the Engineering Profession.
    • Proposals for overall development of the alma mater.
    • Development in Institute curriculum.
    • Promotion of industry institute interaction leading to the technical growth of the state.