An institute is best recognised by its product, the Alumni. Alumni are the inspiration to the budding ones in the Institute. They are the examples, many time teachers used to remark. Their mentorship and guidelines are expected to be high impact on the students. Endowment for financial aid to needy students, improvement of infra works, funding for research labs, assistance for the participation of students in the national and international symposium, help building the environment and community development are few activities expected from the alumni.

Established in 2007, IGIT Alumni Association, Sarang creates and maintains a life-long bonding between the Institute and its alumni.

In collaboration with extremely dedicated volunteers and Executive Council, the Alumni Association works to connect alumni, support students and build an unforgettable Institute experience through a diversity of events, programming and services.

So, you could come to the institute and to take a tour to the campus, memorising your old time sour and sweet, look at the classrooms, work in the labs around the institutes, meet your old professors and staffs, visit your old hostel and meet with the student living in your old room, dine in the mess (may be cooked and serve by old mess staff), mentor a pool of students or just walking along the bank of river the Bramhani or exhibit your favourite action . The Institute welcomes you warmly in all time.

Moreover, when you come, just drop us a line or contact us and we will see what best we can do, accommodation, accompany to campus-tour or any.